News November

Hey fellow online games, we are excited that you’ve chosen to visit Sweet Online Games. Over the past couple years Sweet Online Games has expierenced tremendous growth and we are well on our way to being one of the top online game resources. That said, it’s our duty to insure that we offer more then just the standard “toplist” and arcade games. With over 200,000 Gamers visiting every month, we know many of you desire more in-depth reviews, gaming editorials, and enhanced information about the games we list.

Over the next month and a half of the year we will be enhancing and adding information to Sweet Online Games that we’ve never offered before. We are sure that many of our improvements are much welcomed, although we are always open to additional suggestions via our contact section.

We will also be “changing” our ad situation to include much more gaming related advertising. We will be making attempts to make the ads much less “intrusive” and we expect to remove the pop-ups by the end of the year, once our new ad solutions are in place.